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We help small, mid-size, startup companies to focus on business side of their products while we take care of technology. Learn more about the services that we offer.

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Each new product begins with an idea, and then turns into a set of physical characteristics and services offered to a potential client.

Key Features

Our specialists are close to external sources of information, so they quickly respond to changing market conditions. Key features of our teams in development are autonomy, self-improvement ability and mutual development of team members.

Basic Rules

We noted that it’s not enough to provide basic rules - high quality, low cost, and differentiation - to succeed in a competitive market. We also use speed and flexibility.

Checkpoints Control Risks

The transition from one phase to another occurs after all the requirements of the previous phase are fulfilled.

Whatever your field is, if you are here, you want to add value to your customer’s daily life, simplify it, and unlock new opportunities for them. Wherever your software is or has to be – server, chip, or cloud – we are here to help you make it sharp, seamless, bright, on time, and on budget.

Full-Cycle Development

Development, testing, release, and support of your product, modernization of architecture, Cloud Native and Microservices application development.

Diversified Skills

We make a difference in the market by being able to match your project with the perfect team. Our experts have all the necessary skills and qualities, proven by real experience, and will create your desired software.


We practice design thinking, so every project is destined to scale easily. A strategic metric-driven approach lets you see your actual results in numbers.

Site support is a set of measures aimed at supporting and servicing the needs of a web resource. This service helps to control stability of work and site updating. Professional service of a web page takes it to the next level, and that is what the success and profitability of a business depend on.

Daily monitoring of website performance.
Creation of backup copies and databases with further storage.
Registration and renewal of a domain name.
Complex of work with the website graphic content
Content adaptation on the site.

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